We’re on holiday! From March 19th until April 1st we won’t process any orders and returns.

Yummie, cookies!

Do you like cookies as much as we do? Ingeklikt highly values your privacy: that is why we only use your personal data to:

  • …handle your order(s) as good as we can.
  • …inform you about our offer when you’re subscribed to our mailing list.

Next to that, we gather data that helps us to improve our website. You can read more about this on this page.

Analytics cookies we use to collect anonymous data

  • The visitor behaviour on Ingeklikt.com is measured using Google Analytics cookies. We don’t use any remarketing functionalities, nor ID’s that can identify you personally. Also, we have signed an agreement with google to ensure your data is safe and encrypted. We don’t share unneccessary data with Google.

Pixels we use to further improve our website

  • Our chat is from Tawk.to: this tools shows us on which page of the website you are when you’re chatting with us. That way we can better answer your questions.
  • We use MailChimp to gather personal data that is needed to inform you about our offer and order(s). Read more about MailChimp below the header ‘Where we store your data’.


Where we store your data


When you place an order with us, your address data and order history are stored in WooCommerce, the WordPress plugin we use to build our shop. If you also create an account, you can easily see your order history and status yourself. Pretty convenient when you want to know which size you ordered in the past for example. When you contact us with a question about your order, we use these data to assist you.


Our webshop is linked to the e-mail tool MailChimp. When you subscribe to our mailing list, your contact data are shared with MailChimp. That way we can send you follow-up e-mails about your order and keep you updated about our products. Our friends from MailChimp also highly value your privacy. View their privacy statement here.


Jortt is our bookingkeeping tool. We are required by law to store all invoices. We store them in Jortt. Our accountant Sibbing also has access to this tool since they help us with our tax administration.


Mollie is our payment provider. When you place an order in our shop, your payment is handled via Mollie.  Read more about Mollie’s privacy policy.


MyParcel is our sending partner. Our webshop is linked to their platform. That way we can print packaging labels and send packages. Did you place an order with us? Then you’ll receive the track & trace code via MyParcel.


How long we store your data

We store all data we gather until you ask us to delete them. As a relatively young organisation (we are founded in 2016), data is very valuable to us. By gathering and analysing data, we can recognise patterns like sales peaks and target group demographics. We can adapt our offer based on these insights.


Your data

Do you want to know which data we have stored, update these data or delete them? Or do you want us to share your data with a third party? Please contact us >>