Order a women’s cycling kit and ride your bike in style

If you want to look awesome during your rides, you have to make sure you’re wearing a matching outfit. We help you to get on your bike in style with these women’s cycling kit. Discover their stories.

Lush Leaves

A black cycling kit always comes in hand, but boring is not our style. The Lush Leaves kit adds that wonderful energetic feeling of the blooming nature. Image yourself during a summernight, right after a rainpour at the end of a steaming hot day. Exactly: that makes you want to go outside! And the time you spend outside, you preferably spend on your bike. Need a pee break along the way? With The Little Black Bibs, our bibshorts with zipper, you’ll get back in the saddle in no time.

Night Lilies

When we discovered this beautiful artwork by Nikki Strange, we fell in love at once! And she wanted to work with us too! The result is this enchanting Night Lilies kit. Night Lilies is inspired by dark romantic floral blooms. I wanted to capture the delicate texture of lilies, their grace and beauty on an inky contrasting background which creates a mood of enchantment and mystery. In this navy blue and pink kit you’ll feel utterly feminine. Will you get on your bike with confidence soon?


The Tulipa kit symbolises our Dutch proud: the tulip (one of our main export products) and the colors red, blue and white from our national flag. Navy blue pants (foreigners frequently ask themselves how we manage to live below sea level) and a hint of orange in the jersey. A unique cycling outfit that will make you outperform during your rides. Be prepared to receive many compliments on the road!


The Watercolor is a real piece of art: the print has been ‘dipped’ on the jersey with several brushes. A laborious task, but we’re very pleased with the result! The beautiful, bright colors make every face a little prettier and, also important: thanks to its variety of colors, the Watercolor is a match with many different bikes. The matching ‘The Blue bibshorts’ look simple at first sight, but their bright blue seams make the indestructible fabrics pop.

Flower Bomb

The Flower Bomb was our very first design. The print is made of a painting from the Dutch Rijksmuseum. The cycling kit was comprised of a jersey, bibs and matching arm- and leg warmers at first. Later on we expanded the collection with a racing cap, a triathlon suit, a sleeveless top and a comfortably warm cycling jacket. Who doesn’t want to go outside and bloom in this beautiful kit?


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