Overshoes Tulipa


Do you want to be fully aerodynamic? Protect your shoes against dust with these cheerful overshoes for women. Also ideal when your shoes aren’t that fancy anymore but too comfortable to buy a new pair.

These overshoes are made of very delicate material. Treat them with love to enjoy them:

  • Put them on very carefully;
  • Check if the gaps fit well around your pedal plates and heel so you won’t accidentally walk on the seams and damage them;
  • Only wear them when cycling;
  • Try to avoid walking on asphalt when wearing them;
  • Wash them in a special laundry bag for delicate items and don’t use fabric softener.
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“Much nicer than your shoes!”

– Marloes (founder of Ingeklikt)

Complete your outfit with these overshoes with flower print

At first sight, these overshoes look like midget feet. But you’ll discover that they are super stretchable! Put them on very carefully. Because they fit so tightly around your cycling shoes, you’ll be super aerodynamic!

Cheer up your cycling outfit with these overshoes and be prepared to receive compliments on the road. These overshoes really cheer people up!

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