Racing cap Intergalaxy

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Old-fashioned become fashionable with this racing cap. While this garment was used to promote brands in the past, now it simply completes your fashionable outfit.

The unique Intergalaxy cap does not only make you stand out from the crowd: it makes approaching cyclists turn their heads!

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This women’s racing cap…

  • Has an elastic band so it fits neatly under your helmet
  • Shade down: convenient when sunny
  • Shade up: fashion to the max
  • One size fits all
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“With this racing cap you’ll ride lightyears!”

– Marloes, Ingeklikt founder

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Complete your cycling outfit with this cheerful racing cap

Be warned: once you went for a ride wearing this racing cap, you can never go without it anymore. You’ll look fashionable with this fantastic lightweighted cap and the complete Intergalaxy outfit. Also a cool giveaway!

Cheer up your ride with this racing cap and prepare yourself for compliments from complete strangers. You’ll ride at rocket speed!

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Combines perfectly with:

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