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Ochre yellow arm pieces



Wear this beautiful ochre yellow armpieces with lovely thermo-fleece lining with your Golden Hour jersey. They are easy to put on and take off and store in the pockets of your cycling shirt.

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Good to know

These arm warmers are…

  • Equipped with a silicon hem so they don’t sag
  • Lined with thermo fleece, so comfortably warm
  • Light-weighted and easy to fold
  • Color- and formfast
  • Ochre yellow

"A golden set of arm pieces!"

- Marloes (Ingeklikt founder)

Nice and warm on your bike with these ochre yellow ladies arm warmers

Is it just a little chilly for bare arms? Or do you leave early for a long drive and do the weather forecasts look good? Take this set of warm golden armpieces with you and easily pull on or off on the way. Roll them up and put them in the backpocket of your shirt.

You wear them under the sleeves of your shirt, making it look like you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt. They stay in place thanks to the silicone edge on the inside. You can combine these ochre yellow arm warmers with thermosetting with our Golden Hour cycling shirt. Time to shine!


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