Crane Dance racing cap


Protection from the sun, helmet hear, mud, flies and other bastards: who doesn’t become cheerful when wearing this racing cap? Complete your Crane Dance outfit with this feminine racing cap.

In the meantime you’re protecting your helmet against sweat (it really doesn’t like it). It’s a win-win!

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This women’s racing cap…

  • Has an elastic band so it fits neatly under your helmet
  • Shade down: convenient when sunny
  • Shade up: fashion to the max
  • One size fits all

"A festive cap for a complete outfit!"

- Marloes (Ingeklikt founder)

Complete your cycling outfit with this festive cycling cap

Be warned: once you start cycling with a cycling cap on your head, you won’t want to ride without it. This wonderfully light cap will make you look super hip and complete your Crane Dance outfit. Also nice as a gift!

Complete your cycling outfit with this festive cycling cap with dancing cranes. It is also functional: with this cap you will never again have flies in your eyes or hair.


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